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Welcome to my world of birth advocacy!

For many birth professionals such as myself, the birth stories of my children have played a major role in my journey to becoming a birth worker and birth advocate. The timing of my pregnancies, and how I was treated during labor, had an even bigger and more profound impact on that decision. 

With the birth of my first child, I was going to become a teen mom. Despite my young age, I knew I wanted my body to birth my children without being medicalized, and I knew my breast were created to nourish them upon birth and for several months after. What I did not know, was the amount of shame I was going to encounter from others around me solely due to the fact that I was going to become a parent at 17 years of age.

At 21, I gave birth to my second child. I knew then that I had this passion to support women of all ages, especially other teen mamas and young parents, with a special kind of love during their journey into parenthood.

Regardless of age, women deserve respect, space for their voice to be heard and listened to, and most importantly, they should believe they are capable of parenting their unborn child. 

Well....enough about me! Get comfy and take a look around. If you have any questions, I'm only a phone call or email away. Promise I don't bite. Only double-hip squeezes and some counter-pressure goin' on around here!

xoxo - Melinda

Melinda Morales is a full spectrum doula and certified perinatal educator, specializing in teen pregnancy and young parent support. She is a mother to 2 boys and a teen-birth advocate supporting families in Central Florida since 2006. She is the Founder of lovebirth, LLC, Project Teenbirth, Inc., and membership officer for the Tampa Bay Birth Network. Her story has been featured in RewireNot Another Teen and Young Parent Anthology.

You can also connect with Melinda across all social media platforms @lovebirthllc or using #teenbirth. 


  • Melinda showed a great deal of attention to some of our most important questions we needed answers to. Not only did she give us great information, but explained it in a way that we both understood and kept us at ease with our decision making.

    — Sandra & Daniel Montanez | Brandon, FL
  • It was nice to have Melinda on our support team to encourage us that we could do this! After a 22 hour labor I gave birth to our son completely unmedicated and it was so amazing! I could have never done it without the support and encouragement from Melinda. She was amazing!

    — Laura & Mike Riley | Lutz, FL
  • We hired Melinda for natural childbirth classes and she did a wonderful job preparing myself and my husband. She was super flexible with scheduling classes, comes to your house, which is very convenient with a toddler, was extremely thorough and very knowledgable about the enitre process.

    — Jill & Drew Anderson | Tampa, FL
  • Melinda was absolutely amazing! She accompanied my husband and I during our ECV since our daughter was breech. She was super supportive and educated. We are so thankful for not only her support, but also for her professionalism. We will definitely use her again for our next birth!

    — Sheyla & Edwin Ortiz | Riverview, FL
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If you would like to collaborate with Melinda or have her speak at an upcoming event, she can be contacted here